As a result of growing up in rural America with little artistic encouragement and guidance, and then attending numerous "inspirational writing" workshops in which I wasn’t inspired and never wrote, I shook off my own fear of failure and decided to “go it alone” in order to become a fulltime author. I eventually was "plucked from the slush pile" by an agent, meaning I had no connections or "in's" to major publishing other than my work. I secured an incredible agent, and my first memoir, America’s Boy, was sold to Dutton/Penguin a week after I signed with my agent. That was six books ago.… After my third memoir sold to Crown/Random House, I created “Wade’s Writers” not only to support new and emerging talent but so writers wouldn't have to go it alone. My personalized, intensive and transformational writing retreats are inspired by my journey. I bring my own unique and highly personal take on writing and the business of writing to a new level: My workshops are equal parts inspirational and professional.

Upcoming Workshops

Due to Wade's writing and tour schedule, he currently does not have any upcoming workshops scheduled and is not doing any manuscript reviews. Please contact Gary at gary@waderouse.com if you would like to be notified as soon as new workshops are scheduled. Thank you!